Extra-Virgin Cold-Pressed Raw Chia Seed Oil for Fine Cooking & Cuisine

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Organic Pure Foods™ Certified Organic Raw Chia Oil is the first of its kind. This refreshingly clean, neutral tasting, golden colored culinary oil is a nutritional powerhouse as well as a delicate tasting addition to any dish. With a high heat tolerance of over 400°F, this oil is an excellent choice for healthy cooking. It’s great for light sautéing, for pastas, salads, or on toast with a little cinnamon!

Chia oil is the most abundant source of the essential Omega-3 fatty acid (alpha-linolenic acid). It supports healthy cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems, inflammation response, brain health and weight management.

Plant-sourced Omega-3 are gentle on the environment and the most sustainable source on earth. Made from the seeds of our certified organic farms, Organic Pure Foods™ raw chia oil is cold-pressed in small batches under the strictest standards to maintain optimum freshness and nutritional quality. It is truly The Sustainable Omega-3™. Good for you and good for the planet.

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Quick tip: Makes a healthy and delicious substitute for butter or margarine. Simply spread on your toast in the morning to feel the full benefits of Cold-Pressed, Raw, Chia Oil.

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“We deliver to you the purest, nutritionally abundant chia oil available.”

We exclusively source our chia seeds for both our certified organic chia oil and whole seeds from Chia Organica, USA., the leader in premium selected chia seeds. They are Triple Quality Assured. All our chia seeds are carefully selected to insure the highest omega 3, protein, and fiber content. You will be able to taste and feel the difference.